Monday, June 19, 2006

Cocteau Twins, Bleak Weather and Air-Conditioning

A rather bleak Monday afternoon here, and the perfect weather to put on some Cocteau Twins. This Scottish dream-pop collective might have disbanded a full decade ago, but the music, to use an overused cliche, is timeless in every sense of the word. While some Cocteau diehards would swear upon the 4AD years of 1980-1990 as the golden years, I'm more partial to the Fontana years of the latter-day phase. The most distinctive track to emerge from this period must be the frighteningly ethereal "Serpentskirt" from 1996's Milk and Kisses, which sounds like killer angels descending upon a post-apocalyptic Earth to hunt down the rest of humanity (or some such imagery - the air-conditioning here plays havoc with the imagination). Anyway, it's a brilliant song from end to end...and the perfect ditty to animate this otherwise rather drab start to the working week.


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