Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cold Case Theme Song

At first, a powerfully ominous composition like E.S. Posthumus's "Nara" seems rather incompatible with a Jerry Bruckheimer production. But a melodramatic series like "Cold Case" (its harsh, realistic tone stands in stark contrast with other glossier Bruckheimer programmes, i.e. the "C.S.I." franchise) deserves an appropriate theme song to match its ever-present sense of foreboding, and so the experimental electronic group's evocative work was chosen.

By turns threatening, theatrical and tense, "Nara" also has that all-too-important emotional quotient, which meshes well with Det. Lilly Rush's dogged persistence to obtain closure for the cases under investigation. An exceptional choice, and arguably the best TV theme song I've ever heard.

Postscript: I'm a huge fan of the show, not just because of its usage of direction-specific flashbacks and virtuosic performances by the always terrific but sadly underrated Kathryn Morris in almost every episode, but also because of its inspired practice of using period-appropriate music for expository flashbacks to the year in question.

Too bad there hasn't been a DVD release as yet. However, check out a wonderful interview with the ever fantastic Kathryn Morris here.


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