Thursday, October 05, 2006

Siren Song

For all the indefinable objects of affection the whole world over:


I could’ve found the way
Could’ve sailed through the storm
Are these only words?
That find their way home again?
But come to nought in the light

Sunlight fills the empty shadows
I could’ve said it before the dark
These rivers that lie between us
On the rocks where the waves still play
My earthbound heart will decide

She raises the curfew to see the moon
I’ve come to believe in what she claims
But is this just a siren song?
That will fade with the daybreak?
And leaves me shipwrecked inside

Down by the beach one dark morning
A trail of footsteps ending at water’s edge
She still guards her secrets well
She’s been through all this before
These ghosts still fly over ebony seas

Resolution comes in the endgame
But it could’ve torn me up inside
I’ll give her nothing she needs
Through the snowfalls and rainfalls
All those yesterdays in the making

So she’ll be blessed by time and chance
As the world still spins in silence
Across the skies and into the dreaming
Something is coming to an end
In the last echo of a siren song


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