Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fingers of Love

Crowded House's historic farewell concert in front of the Sydney Opera House on 23 November, 1996, remains one of the most compelling and significant live musical events of the 20th century, easily ranking on the same scale of importance as gigs like Hendrix's appearance at Monterey or The Who's defining moment at Leeds. Rarely have the band been in such fine fettle as they were on that night, with frontman Neil Finn at his most expressive, guitarist Mark Hart at his most proficient, bassist Nick Seymour providing sturdy rhythmic underpinnings, and late, lamented drummer Paul Hester providing the requisite endearing tomfoolery and percussive drive, as he has done at every Crowded House gig. Check out a magnificent rendition of the powerful, atmospheric "Fingers of Love" here, with Hart giving it his best on an extended guitar solo.


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