Thursday, January 24, 2008


An awesome, mind-boggling study in instrumental dynamics, King Crimson's impossibly intricate "Discipline" is a long-cherished gem in the prog-rock legends' impressive back catalogue, and arguably the one single track fundamentally responsible for the eventual development of that oblique sub-genre of rock known as "math-rock". A most unorthodox 5/4 time signature, intense, masterful axe-wielding, and flighty, controlled Stick improvisations are all encased within a complex, polyrhythmic structure that presents irrefutable proof that the 1980s incarnation of King Crimson are a true force to be reckoned with, and easily on par with the decidedly darker, more dramatic sensibilities espoused by the 1970s line-up. Check out a superb live rendition of "Discipline", which is thoughtfully interspersed with illuminating comments on technique and form by head Crimson honcho Robert Fripp and drummer extraordinaire Bill Bruford.


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