Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Simple Minds' Love Song

While new-wave mainstays Simple Minds are best known for their rousing stadium singalongs and widescreen production values, a little-known aspect of the band's sound was the proto-electronica material they chunred out in the very early stages of their career, in the early 1980s. While nothing from this period remotely matches the chart-busting performances of middle-period standards like "Alive and Kicking", "Waterfront" and the inescapable "Don't You Forget About Me", there is a certain gutsy naivete to these primitive electro-pop songs that suggests greater things to come for these Glaswegian lads. One of the more well-known tracks from this nascent stage is the pulsating "Love Song", a quirky hybrid creature constructed from hyper-kinetic electro-bass pulses and angular swatches of processed guitars. Check out the ridiculously pointless and fun video clip, with a non-existent storyline to boot.


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