Saturday, August 29, 2009


One of big-beat pioneers Chemical Brothers’ more underrated singles, ‘Elektrobank’ created a relatively minor but still significant impact back in the halcyon days of 1997, when Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons ruled the dance-chart roost with their brand of pavement-shattering and envelope-pushing drum n’ bass. ‘Elektrobank’ was virtually a Chemicals 101 track, featuring plenty of agitated breakbeats, shuddering bass lines, forceful sampled vocals and an aggressive tone throughout: in short, all the artistic trademarks that made the dynamic duo a revered name amongst mainstream clubbers and underground cognoscenti alike. Check out the lyrical, engaging video clip by renowned non-conformist auteur Spike Jonze, featuring a very young Sofia Coppola (before her fame-finding directorial days) as an embattled rhythmic gymnast overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to win the day.


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