Monday, October 19, 2009


While most uppity critics and armchair aficionados have criticised the late-1990s, Ray Wilson-led incarnation of Genesis as the weakest (not to mention artistically dreariest) of all the myriad line-ups of the veteran progressive rockers, there are a few commendable pieces from that era to take note of. One such song is the dark-hued, alt-rock-inflected 'Congo', which harks back to the measuredly insane Peter Gabriel days of the mid-1970s, a noticeable (and welcome) change from the slick, MOR-influenced Phil Collins sensibilities that permeated the chart-busting records of the 1980s. Check out a dynamic live performance clip of the track, shot in Prague during the brief tour in 1997 to promote parent album 'Calling All Stations'.


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