Friday, February 12, 2010

Knights of Cydonia

Modern-day prog-rockers Muse might have been accused of being Radiohead wannabes in the initial stages of their decade-long stint in the business, but the (mostly unwarranted) charge was quickly dispelled by the release of their superlative fourth album, 2006's 'Black Holes and Revelations'. This ridiculously resonant 11-song set was a head-spinning, but still cohesive melange of classic progressive rock, propulsive synth-pop, sneery punk-rock and whimsical folk, all held together by epic, cutting-edge production values, courtesy of maverick auteur Rich Costey. Check out one of the more notable tracks from this multi-platinum magnum opus, the hilariously monstrous, self-consciously strident, Rush-approximating 'Knights of Cydonia', which is brilliantly visualised in an intentionally insolent video clip, chock-full of not-so-veiled references to a variety of well-known pop-cultural artefacts.


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