Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wild is the Wind

This might be hard to accept now, but there was a time in the mid-1970s when David Bowie was coked up beyond belief, suffering from a prolonged bout of substance addiction and chronic depression. But, as the late, lamented Nick Drake once whispered, the darkest shadows can give the brightest light, and Bowie produced some of his best works in the aforementioned era, even as he would later claim that he couldn’t remember much of what went on. ‘Station to Station’ from 1976 was a schizophrenic, dual-natured tribute to classic Motown soul and electronic pioneers Kraftwerk. There’s virtually no filler on the album, but Bowie’s cover of the old Tin Pan Alley standard ‘Wild is the Wind’ is a particular standout. Arguably Bowie’s most passionate vocal accomplishment is present here, and producer Tony Visconti had the sense to secure Bowie’s ghostly yet affecting croon to an immaculate, pristine, jazz-tinged backdrop, bringing out the soulful quotient of the song admirably. Chacek out the starkly simple, yet brilliantly effective black-and-white promo clip of Bowie and his band in action working their virtuosic way through this vintage love song.


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