Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Fallen Angel

With an impressive artistic template that takes in disparate styles like arena-rock, New Orleans cadences, ambient electronica, Native American patterns and Americana country-blues, Robbie Robertson, erstwhile leader of famed folk-rock collective The Band, has long ago stamped his mark as one of the most accomplished rock performers of our time. Even though Robertson these days isn't as prolific as he used to be, and the powers-that-be have more or less consigned him to the scrap heap of rock history, his peerless repertoire certainly still bears proof to how consequential and engaging his talents and artistry are. As far as lyrical contents go, Robertson masterfully evokes fantastic, haunting images of death and desolation, devils and wildernesses, stormy weather and barren forests, weathered men and enigmatic women. Check out a certified Robertson standard, the evocative 'Fallen Angel' from his 1987 debut album 'Robbie Robertson', an atmospheric, spacey mood piece which incorporates all of the abovementioned lyrical concerns, and also bristles with all manner of creative effects like found-sound percussion, ambient guitar noises and sculpted synth chords, and features art-rock veteran Peter Gabriel on complementary backing vocals.


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