Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Perfect Kiss

It's certainly not an easy task to approximate, let alone emulate, the consummately unique and thrilling aesthetic that is the stock in trade of British rock legends New Order. After all, however competent and studied the cover act is, it is admittedly a difficult proposition to master the effortlessly creative elements that Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris possess: the innovative blending of post-punk sensibilities and alternative-dance grooves, the eminently accessible melodic substance and their collective tremendous impact on the state of modern rock music. However, Taiwanese electro-rock outfit The Girl and the Robots have certainly done a highly admirable job in reproducing, and not in any sort of slavish or lacklustre way, New Order's brilliant mélange of visceral rock firepower and flighty dance elements, and made it their basic artistic blueprint. This is evidenced in their effervescent and energetic cover of the New Order standard 'The Perfect Kiss', a supremely stylish synth symphony that celebrates the utter banality of day-to-day living, which is backed by an appropriate in-studio video that pays sly homage to the original, similarly themed clip by acclaimed filmmaker Jonathan Demme.


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