Friday, July 14, 2006

"Darkest Dreaming": The Perfect Lullaby

Veteran art-rocker David Sylvian's complex yet accessible 1999 work "Dead Bees on a Cake" closes with what has to be the most perfect lullaby ever conceived. "Darkest Dreaming" is a glacially paced, yet wholly moving track that effortlessly mixes downtempo ambient textures, slow-motion synth effects and processed doudouk (Armenian flute) keenings, held together by a commanding vocal by Sylvian.

With fitting lyrics to match the instrumentation ("Stay tonight, we'll watch the full moon rising, hold on tight, the sky is breaking, I don't ever want to be alone, with all my darkest dreaming, hold me close, the sky is breaking"), "Darkest Dreaming" should be played during the witching hour for that appropriate atmospheric effect.

A good musical nightcap to partake of before you drift off to dreamland.


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