Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Magic of Bowie and Glass

What happens when modern rock icon David Bowie and pioneering minimalist composer Philip Glass meet? The magical, terrific results are well borne out in a pair of masterful collaborative albums, 1993's "Low Symphony" and 1997's "Heroes Symphony". Both records are based on two of Bowie's so-called Berlin trilogy, 1977's "Low" and 1978's "Heroes", with selected tracks reinterpreted as experimental symphonic movements.

In these new recordings, the essences of the original compositions are retained, while their previously dormant avant-garde nuances are intelligently fleshed out and decidedly dramatised. This translates into thematic pieces which invariably make for a powerful auditory experience. Check out the brilliant rendition of the commanding "Heroes" (with an accompanying montage of related images) here.


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