Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trans Europe Express

A relentlessly metallic, pseudo-militaristic theme that is the aural equivalent of a futuristic train journey through a post-industrial Europe, 1975's "Trans Europe Express" remains one of seminal electronic-pop collective Kraftwerk's most monumental and recognisable works. The main string-synth riff from this coldly dispassionate, precisely propulsive anthem was even sampled (without permission) by hip-hop maverick Afrika Bambaataa for his breakthrough "Planet Rock" hit in 1982. This plagiaristic offence has an interesting, similar parallel 23 years later, when sappy-pop bedsittters Coldplay shamelessly lifted the main melody from Kraftwerk's 1981 "Computer Love" for "Talk". Check out the official video, which comprises stock images of a surreal post-World War Two Europe interspersed with whimsical shots of the members of Kraftwerk travelling on an, you guessed it, express train.


Blogger Eeleen Lee said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you.

I'd like to hear some JD (Joy Division, not Jack Daniels) on Shite FM too. The Nouvelle Vague version could be the most hardcore that station gets.

A lot of other traits were lifted from Kraftwerk as well. Check out the thin ties and shirts of Franz Ferdinand, it resembles the artwork for 'Der Mensch-Machine'

4:55 PM  
Blogger Eeleen Lee said...

No I haven't seen 'Control'. The trailer on Youtube is sooo tortuously tantalising...

Yearghh! The baby during the cold turkey scene in 'Trainspotting'. It's in the book, but that caught alot of the audience off-guard.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Eeleen Lee said...

:O "What church"?!! urghhh.Lucky you didn't say 'The Band'!

Which reminds me of the time I was in a cafe in SS/2, Petaling Jaya with some acquaintances.The cafe tv was tuned to MTV and we were watching "Live 8":

FFOF (Friend of a Friend): Who's the band playing now?
Me: The Who.
FFOF: I said, 'the band playing now'?
Me: The Who.
FFOF: I meant, 'the band onstage now."!
Me: The Who.
FFOF: Is something wrong with your ears?
Me: The Who!!!

8:21 PM  
Blogger Eeleen Lee said...

I uploaded the Peter Gabriel videos from YouTube, like what you do with your posts, except it's a sidebar item.

Speaking about the hopeless cluelessness of Malaysians, ever try mentioning Elvis Costello to some? You'll normally get a blank looks until you sing the first line of "She".

11:21 AM  

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