Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Cure's Lullaby

One of the more distinctive promos in Goth-rock icons The Cure's ridiculously extensive video-clip repertoire is the one for their 1989 single 'Lullaby'. This Tim Pope-directed short film features an exhausted Robert Smith stuck in bed in some rundown Victorian-era Cheapside dive, clearly frightened out of his wits at the prospect of being eaten alive by the so-called Spider Man, an archaic and possibly mythical boogeyman of sorts. The rest of the band also put in an appearance as well, garbed as ghostly (and dusty) Salvation Army members recently resurrected from the dead. Check out this utterly spine-chilling, yet paradoxically humorous, clip, and watch out for the bit at the end where poor Fat Bob gets swallowed whole by, what else, a giant arachnid.


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