Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mad About You

One of the more lesser-known singles from former Police chief Sting is the much-underrated 'Mad About You', taken from the erstwhile Gordon Sumner's mortality and aquatic-themed 1991 tour de force 'The Soul Cages'. The prosaically titled mid-tempo ballad, augmented by some appropriately arabesque atmospherics, is simply Sting's uniquely secular-existentialist take on the David and Bethseba parable, without any decent into religiously postulated condescension. Check out the cinematic, evocative, noirish 'Casablanca'-influenced video clip, which deftly intersperses filmic footage of intrigues going on in what appears to be a French colonial-era Moroccan hamlet, with Sting leading a befuddled Icelandic horse across an obvious static-matte desert expanse.


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