Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fall at Your Feet

One of the more underrated and under-recognised gems in the venerable Crowded House's back catalogue, 'Fall at Your Feet' from 1991 still managed to scale into the British Top 20, mostly by dint of its polished, somewhat polite AOR veneer. However, no other adult-contemporary chart single can boast of such classicist obsessive-stalker lines like "I'm really close tonight, and I feel like I'm moving inside her" and "Do you want my presence or need my help, who knows where that might lead", making the song a virtual sugar-coated bullet, so to speak. The composition is given additional authority by the always-remarkable double-tracked harmonies of the Finn brothers, and the subversion of traditional pop-song ideals via the introduction of a recurring twangy pedal-steel guitar riff. Check out the resonant video clip, filmed in an atmospheric black-and-white fashion, and featuring somewhat surreal elements that could have been lifted straight out of a Dali painting.


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