Friday, May 18, 2012

Kiko and the Lavender Moon

In an otherwise synthetic 1980s music landscape, Los Angeles outfit Los Lobos stood out with their distinctive brand of organic, earthy Tex-Mex rock, which was dosed liberally with other disparate musical elements. This resulted in a seamless, virtuosic make of roots-rock that had a commercial zenith in the massive hit title track to the 1987 Richie Valens biopic 'La Bamba'. Unfortunately, this became a bit of an albatross around their collective necks, since the five-man group eventually became known as a one-hit wonder by virtue of that song, even though they did go on to make more stylistically adventurous records. One of these experimental tracks is the shuffling, atmospheric nugget 'Kiko and the Lavender Moon’, which makes use of an odd time signature, sweeping, weeping strings and processed percussion clicks to tell its film-noir yarn. Check out its equally bold video clip, which seems to have taken inspiration from an LSD-induced dreamscape populated by all manner of bizarre, mythical creatures.


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