Monday, January 20, 2014

Another Brick in the Wall 2

Pink Floyd’s monumental and ambitious ‘The Wall’ remains one of the most essential concept albums ever, with its none-too-subtle intimations to iron-handed authoritarianism, vicious, unbridled fascism and despairing personal psychosis. Held together by the acerbic, cutting lyricism of songwriter Roger Waters and the sturdy mainstream-rock arrangements of guitarist David Gilmour, ‘The Wall’ has gone on to achieve legendary status in the annals of rock history, frequently landing within the lists of imperative records of the genre. One of the most salient and popular tracks from ‘The Wall’ is the strident ‘Another Brick in the Wall 2’, with its unnerving, but still strangely accessible playground-style chorus chant. Check out the suitably bleak, narrative-driven video clip, with its disturbing images of malicious authority figures and cowering, timorous schoolchildren.