Thursday, March 29, 2007

Priset = Aura and Ripple

Goth-rock veterans The Church veered off in hitherto unexplored directions at the outset of the 1990s that had them incorporating expansive Floydian prog-rock, tricked-out electronica textures and disciplined Kraut-rock cadences into their neo-psychedelia template, translating into a wholly compelling, esoteric sound that is yet to be bested. The first fruits of this new sonic adventurism comprises the bulk of the dreamy, surreal "Priest = Aura" album from 1992, which contained all manner of genre explorations, from waltz-time interludes ("Swan Lake") and improvised arena-rock ("Kings"), to English music hall ("The Disillusionist"), trip-hop patterns ("Feel") and tumultuous white-noise collages (the appropriately named "Chaos"). Check out the atmospheric video clip for the shadowy Goth-rocker "Ripple" right here.


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