Friday, November 06, 2009

Wrapped Around Your Finger

While the evergreen stalker anthem 'Every Breath You Take' remains The Police's most recognisable single (and Sting's perennial cash cow), there are other, stronger moments from parent album 'Synchronicity' that merits more than just a passing mention. One of these moments is the quietly threatening 'Wrapped Around Your Finger', a brilliant verse study in power-play innuendoes garbed in a skittish, syncopated reggae-ballad structure, perfectly underscoring its inherent sense of foreboding, menacing psychodrama. Check out a typically stellar performance of the song at a stop in Montreal during the band's massive 1983 world tour in support of the mega-platinum-selling 'Synchronicity', replete with rather disturbing slow-motion footage of dozens of fans in the ecstatic throes of band worship.


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