Monday, May 28, 2012

Pull Me Through

Blue Rodeo remains one of Canada's best kept musical secrets, despite having put out numerous albums since the mid-1980s, and winning a handful of Juno Awards (Canada's equivalent of the Grammies). It’s easy to see why the roots-rockers do not enjoy the same sort of acclaim as more illustrious Canuck rockers like Neil Young or The Band: they specialise in putting out songs about chronic heartaches, hard economic times, desolate country towns and other less-than-cheery subjects, all set to some of the most understated and bare-bones music ever committed to record. The secret weapon in Blue Rodeo's armoury is undoubtedly songwriter and lead singer Jim Cuddy, who can imbue the most pedestrian of sentiments with just the right amounts of empathy and sympathy. Check out the heart-rending, weeping-willow ballad 'Pull Me Through', taken from Cuddy's 2006 solo album, 'The Light that Guides You Home'.


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