Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Baby's on Fire

Ambient music might have a rather nebulous reputation, but musical polymath Brian Eno managed to bring a sense of structure and discipline to its inherently freeform nature by adopting his singular 'Oblique Strategies', which emphasised the concepts of theory and texture to shape his artistry. This unique sensibility has resulted in more than four decades of increasingly innovative works that have effortlessly taken in myriad elements like funk-infused beats, found-sound samples, ethnic-music sonics and white-noise dissonance, and this is not even taking into account his award-winning, groundbreaking production work for industry giants like U2, Talking Heads and Roxy Music. Check out a stellar example of his highly atmospheric material, 1974's 'Baby's on Fire', Eno's delightfully warped take on straight-ahead pop, infused with all manner of weird, electronically processed noises and intentionally arch vocal mannerisms.


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