Thursday, January 30, 2014

Big Log

Erstwhile Led Zeppelin frontman and certified 20th-century music legend Robert Plant has greatly benefited from an eclectic career since the dissolution of the rock heavyweights back in the early 1980s. Starting with 1982's eclectic 'Pictures at Eleven', Plant has successfully mined various genres. While a lesser mortal might falter at the thought of tackling such diverse disciplines, Plant has had no difficulty in taking on courses like hard rock, bucolic folk, singer-songwriter pop, and even tasteful 1950s-style R&B (having done a cover of the immortal 'Sea of Love' with the ad hoc group the Honeydrippers). All done with the customary Plant aplomb and panache. Check out one of Plant's more well-known solo standards, the ethereally oblique and achingly nostalgic 'Big Log' from 1983, supported by an equally low-key, yet suitably widescreen narrative-driven video clip.


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