Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Black Man Ray

China Crisis constitutes a genuine anomaly in the New Romantic community of the early 1980s. The China Crisis songwriting formula basically comprises contemporary, if safe and unpretentious new-wave cues, enriched with relevant elements from the past like impassive Steely Dan sophistication, arch Roxy Music artiness, and the more accessible aspects of Berlin-era David Bowie. It’s not a blueprint that lends itself to instant commercial appeal, especially given the stiff competition put up by China Crisis's more illustrious contemporaries. However, they did have their fair share of followers, even if those same fans have slowly dwindled away as the years went on, eventually consigning them to their present cult-act status. Check out the rather pedestrian video clip to what could be the group's signature tune,'Black Man Ray', a pleasant, polite pop ditty that abounds with clean-cut synth chords and courteous guitar melodies.


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