Thursday, January 23, 2014

The End

To assume that The Doors were solely about frontman Jim Morrison and his singularly spacey, drug-fuelled poetic vision would be doing one of the most influential bands of the classic-rock era a huge disservice. Although it was the domineering (some would say calculated) theatricality of Morrison that most people would remember The Doors by, the musical proficiencies of the other three members should never be underestimated. Appropriate credit has to be accorded to the highly innovative keyboard chops of Ray Manzarek, the gritty guitar licks provided by Robby Krieger, and the rock-solid, yet inventive drum foundation courtesy of the ever-dependable John Densmore, all working in accord to effortlessly forge the Doors' distinctive sound. This brilliant line-up can be witnessed working at the height of their powers in this rare 1967 television performance of the cinematic, nightmarish epic 'The End'.


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