Thursday, February 06, 2014


Latter-day, third-phase Genesis might not be as commercially succcessful as the Phil Collins-era line-up or as critically lauded as the Peter Gabriel-era assembly, but it does have its commendable qualities, if one looks beyond the rather ponderous, neo-prog rock compsitions and the dearth of chart-friendly material. One of the more defining characteristics of this particular Genesis unit is the distinctive, dark-hued baritone of new vocalist Ray Wilson (formerly of Stiltskin), reminiscent of Gabriel's expressive vocals, but having its own distinguishing attributes. An apt showcase for Wilson's voice is 'Congo', the first single from 1997's Calling All Stations', a mini-epic backed by found-sound chant-and-percussion samples, an appropriately ominous synth arrangement and jagged, menacing guitar riffs. Check out the cinematic video clip, featuring shots of the band performing the song in the midst of what appears to be a prisoner uprising in a bleak, post-apocalyptic prison camp.